The Invisible War 

  • Since 2006, more than 95,000 service members have been sexually assaulted in the U.S. military
  • More than 86% of service members do not report their assault
  • Less than five percent of all sexual assaults are put forward for prosecution, and less than a third of those cases result in imprisonment

I hate that I can attest to accuracy of this post. I never reported my assailants. I had a friend who did. She got looked down upon, name called, moved to a crappy shift and generally treated like trash from a good number of people in our command, including some superiors. The male who molested her got a “talking” to, a slap on his wrist and then essentially promoted. And that was on shore. I can’t even begin to tell you what happened while we were on the ship. It’s just unbelievably horrifying. 

Can I fucking tell you how true this is???? Even though I did report the shit dick that did this to me; OSI treated me like I was lying, saying things like “you’re not acting like a victim”, and “this is impossible” when they made me draw out a diagram of what ‘position’ we were in when it happened. My sergeants basically called me out publicly calling me a slut, other airmen called me easy, and the bastard is still enlisted to this day. The most I got was a medical discharge with PTSD and a monthly check that isn’t even half of what I was making a month when I was enlisted. They cover their tracks and slap the assholes on the nose like they’re simply misbehaving pet dogs who pissed on your carpet. 

God fucking bless the USA. 

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Laws of BBC: if you’re a male lead in a show run by Steven Moffat, your female co-star will (sooner or later) hit you. (And you will ask for more)

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Hot as hell!!

Laura Pulver is an amazing human being. 

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tumblr is so comforting

the same people on your dash every day

posting nice things

no pressure of conversation

they’re just there

with their little icons and stuff

i love the internet.

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  • *cellphone rings*
  • best friend: who is calling you, i am literally the only person who calls you
  • me: i have people
  • best friend: ...
  • me: it's my mom
  • best friend: aw, tell her i say hey

“And the point of great writers like [Oscar] Wilde is that they make that invitation to you; they welcome you”. - Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is a hero

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“You’ll regret those tattoos when you’re old.”

They seem pretty proud of them.

My favorite will always be the woman with the short blond hair showing off her arms.

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